Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local Movie Review *SPOILER ALERT!*

I must admit I really liked this film. It’s a bi like Kaminey but doesn’t have that same way of making you think during the film and long afterwards.

Now, I know Neha Dhupia isn’t all that popular, I really do like her and have done so since watching Chup Chup Ke. She was a little dull in the first half but really picked it up during he second half! I’ve only seen Abhay Deol in Dev D, which I thought he was pretty good in, but I really enjoyed watching him here, you had that feeling of knowing more than him, seen as there were a few spots where anyone who has watched a few movies could have guessed what was coming, but he, Abhay Deol, didn’t know. If I’m honest, I found him pretty cute here…

When I’d finished watching this, I wasn’t sure of what I was thinking, overall I felt happy and felt it was a paisa vasool, but then again I could see there were flaws. So I did what comes to me, went to Google and looked at some reviews. Overall, most people had issues with the way the director, Sanjay Khanduri, tried to cram everything in and didn’t edit as much as he ought to have. I agree on some of it and did feel it needed some editing in places but overall I thought that those moments when loads was happening at the same time were supposed to reflect on the mad chaos of the Mumbai underworld. Nonetheless, they really could have made the gangs easier to identify and give them traits that separate them from each other.

I’m glad I put on the spoiler alert right in the title because I just have to mention about how one twist in the tale really worked. That was the revelation that Madhu/Mala was a prostitute. Now, unlike some other people, I don’t hate, nor am I disgusted by, prostitutes. And this film really summed up why. They are humans, just like the rest of us and it’s normally because they are desperate that they go down this line, not because they want to or because they like it, as I’d guess many people think. I thought Neha really shone in that scene.

In terms of music, there weren't any proper song sequences, but I guess they would have been a bit out of place. I really like the song Laree Choote; here's the remix video:

The whole experimental idea of this movie should be appreciated, and although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I found it pretty pleasing.

Rating: 3/5


  1. I just LOVED this movie! saw it pretty late...just a few months back in fact...but its truly a fun-ride, with lotsa twists...didnt quite like the lift frm Pulp Fiction but otherwise, a great attempt!

  2. I haven't checked out Pulp Fiction even though I've been meaning to, although this has really got me wanting to check out more of Abhay Deol's films...

    It really is quite fun and I preferred it more than Dev D even though they are quite similar in their experimental nature, I guess both of them pushed it a little too far at times. Ah well, not really an issue in my mind!

  3. I've heard that It's good...hmm..Let's seee...

  4. Hey Huner!! So good to talk to you again! How's OC? You should try ECKLL, I'm sure you'd like it!

    How are you? Life going on ok?
    What did you think of Badmaash Company? Would you agree with my review?

  5. Yoo Baggs...I'm doin gr8 babe!! OC is fine too..well I miss U sooooo much..Hope 2 have u back soon...:o)
    yup..I saw BC...n dang..LOVED LOVED it...superb storyline...superb acting..gr8 music..I enjoyed it a lot..
    dang..U shuld watch Raajneeti Baggs..It's DAMN GOOD!!! BRILLIANT film yaar!! absolutely fantastic..

  6. I'm planning on watching Raajneeti soon, and maybe even Kites possibly! Raajneeti seems to have gotten mixed reviews, both those who love it really seem to adore it!

    My busy period is nearly over, I'll be back on OC in about 15 days!

    I loved Badmaash Company too! Do you know anything about how it did at the BO?

  7. hmm..I think BC is above average film...not sure thou..

    omgg..Kites was HORRIBLE..completely RIDICULOUS!! I hated it..uughh

  8. I saw Raajneeti, found it quite dull and pretty confusing... Really? What didn't you like about it? No plot line? Or terrible acting? Or stupid sequences? What was wrong with it in your opinion?