Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Name Is Khan- Review

This film has such a heartfelt message that could have been conveyed better.

Meet Rizwan Khan, he isn’t a terrorist but people judge him to be because of his name, his religion, his identity. This is his journey to prove his innocence.

Character portrayals were definitely excellent and this is the first film I adore SRK in. Kajol didn’t really have much scope but did well with what she had. I agree with other reviews that there were plenty of American stereotypes, starting from the airport security right to the American children. The kid who played Sam was realistic but Rizwan stole the show. Shahrukh was actually Rizwan, not himself! Innocence shone from him and you really bonded with him.

The first half was definitely better than the second. There was a fresh feeling of not knowing where the plot was going there that was missing from the second. *SPOILER* The torture scenes were definitely toned down compared to New York *SPOILER*

They could have missed out the second bit in Wilhelmina, we already know Rizwan is a good person, no need to drill it in to our heads! On a side note, can people with Aspergers not cry? It seemed like it but I’d be grateful if someone could enlighten me.

I loved the message this film was trying to convey,

“We are all equal and none of us deserve to be reduced to just a name, or a religion or just to the way we look”

I think this is an essential idea that all of us must accept. What with the economic crisis, problems of population, poverty, terrorism and global warming, it is all the more important for us to work together and stand united, no matter who we are or what our backgrounds. Whit parties like the BJP and the BNP who are trying to divide us up, using hatred as their weapon, I am grateful to Karan Johar for trying to give us a film that attempts to open our eyes. I say attempts because it could have been better. One example would be *SPOILER* that the Asians in America could have reacted differently to the racism shown towards them, rather than yelling at the racists *SPOILER*.

The film’s message worked for me partly because, in all honesty and modesty, I’m very open minded. I could appreciate the idea and even though the film could have been better, it still made me all the more determined to never be prejudiced to anyone. Ever.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. You already know what I thought of this film so I will simply say wonderfully written post! still made me all the more determined to never be prejudiced to anyone. Ever.

    YES! Even though I like to think that I am also one of the people who looks past all stereotypes, etc, this film made me determined to always stay that way. Simply beautiful.

  2. Swagatam, welcome to my blog, I hope you decide to share your thoughts here more often. Thanks for visiting my small share of blogland!

    I liked your review because it summed up really well what I thought of MNIK, the great thing as you said, is that it'll force even the most decent of people to reconsider their actions nad try and become a better person.