Thursday, 11 February 2010

Why I've decided to blog...

I've read a lot of other blogs before but I have finally decided to start my own about Bollywood mostly. I love the idea of using the internet as a medium to communicate our thoughts and I hope you enjoy reading Bollywood Ishtyle! I apologise if the name already exists.

I only started watching movies a year ago, so I don't know all that much but I definitely am interested by all things filmi. I will probably copy Filmi Girl's style of linking articles that interest me (hope you don't mind!) and write my own comments on some issues of interest. I will also review movies and music in any random way I can.



  1. Great to see you blogging! I started watching Bollywood movies about just over 2 years ago, so fairly new to it myself. I see your a bit of a Shahid fan too, look forward to your blog!!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome Twinkle, I hope you decide to become a regular on this blog! I love your blog and as you can see, I've taken inspiration from you and others to start my own. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier to your comments, I didn't realise they weren't immedaitely emailed to me!

    I am a confessed Shahid fan, but I like a lot of others too, just no one as much as him ;)