Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Buzz edition no.3

I'm not too sure what this article is trying to imply... How can you be quoted out of context? Also, does it not feel like Priyadarshan is blowing his own trumpet?

"I'm not such a bad filmmaker, you know. If I'm the director of 'De Dana Dan', I also made 'Kancheevaram'."

Aamir feels ignored and has decided to desert a committee reviewing the proposed amendment in copyright laws. I sympathise with this guy because knowing him (not personally), he probably has some good suggestions to make; but really? 'I am unable to function' Only your ideas have been rejected! Your body hasn't been beaten to a pulp! Aamir is really sensible so i think it would have been better if he had stayed but I like the other members too. Boney Kapoor, Javed Akhtar and Vishal Bhardwaj especially are all people I consider clear headed so I guess the show must go on.

MNIK has been dubbed in German.

Hema Malini is deciding what size her daughter's waist should be.

And seen as I'm a total Shahid Kapoor fangirl, I'll try and include one link about him in each of these Buzz editions! Mausam is reportedly not a remake of Top Gun. Seen as I want Mausam to blow me off my feet, I certainly hope not! But as Shahid says, Pankaj is known for doing original cinema so we can expect the same here. It seems like Sonam will play the lead in Mausam and I'm disappointed because she really annoys me!


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