Saturday, 27 February 2010

Awards Performances…

Its the time of the year when all the awards are meted out and along with them come some good, some not-so-good and some hilarious performances. I’d thought I’d have look at some of them today…

Katrina at Stardust 2010

Lets start with one of the worst to get it out of the way… What was Katrina thinking?!?

I like nothing about this, neither the dancing nor the costumes nor the songs. Katrina is normally saved in my eyes by her onstage presence but even that couldn’t save her here.

Shahid at Stardust 2010

I’m not too fond of the choreography of Dhan Te Nan here but then again, its a hard song to dance to…

He took too long to actually start dancing in my opinion but his rendition of Pe Pe Pepein was utterly cute! We got to see the innocent shaitan expression on his face (especially at 4:51) again which immediately brought a smile to mine ;) I quite like what he is wearing.

Saifeena at Stardust 2010

This one is just hilarious! Neither can dance so it gives me great pleasure to watch both of them together:

I was laughing all the way through, completely worth watching! I kept smiling whenever they zoomed into Shahid’s face and he was there trying to keep his face straight, probably thinking breaking up with Kareena was a good idea… They look like they haven’t rehearsed even once and they’re just trying out some dance moves to see if they work.

Katrina at Music Mirchi Awards

What really carries this performance is Katrina’s fabulous onscreen presence. Her dancing is nothing to boast about but her costume is quite classy and sleek, she has put on some weight but I have no problems with that… better than anorexic Sonam! She seems to be enjoying herself which is always nice to watch.

Shahid at Music Mirchi Awards

This is one of my favourite performances of Shahid’s till date!

I thought it was interesting the hostess used the lisping thing to introduce him but she seemed quite stiff… any thoughts on that?

Shahid always seems to try hard and perform well at the Music Mirchi awards, he was great last year too! I like the collection of songs and suddenly Gangsta Blues has got 5 plays on my iPod ;) I love the choreography for Blue and Jalwa, not as much for Dhan Te Nan. The costumes were good even if Shahid’s trousers seemed a bit loose. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable performance!

That’s it for now, I’ll probably have a post on the Filmfare awards, but no guarantee.

At the Filmfare awards which are going to happen today and will be aired 7th March, I think Shahid, Kareena, Hrithik and Katrina Kaif. I’m looking forward to it!

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