Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Movie Review

Well Alvida to this one!

I picked this poster for a reason, in my opinion it seems to be ranked by the standard of acting, I thought Rani outshone the others, SRK was good as always, it dawned on me that his shaking was actually just him holding in his emotions. Abhishek and Amitabh are interchangeable while Preity was little more than the haughty. That’s how her character always seemed… haughty.

The music was bearable, quite pleasant in places, I like ‘Where’s the Party Tonight’ but what was that skirt Preity was wearing??

The skirt looks like something someone peeled off the Golden Temple in Amritsar (not meant in a harsh way at all, I’m going to go visit it soon!).

I was looking for a picture of Kajol from the film and I came across this:

Kajol Cross-eyed

How could I have possibly missed this before? To all those who read this blog (i.e. no one) do you have any links to fashion debacles or just silly, stupid pictures?

One of the things I did like though was the character development,they were all grey, all had faults and good points. Here’s my (short) analysis:

-Dev aka. Shahrukh Khan: He seems to be desperate to get out of this relationship, not wanting to hold it together, which annoyed me a LOT. He obviously loves his kid but tries to force his dreams on to his shoulders as many parents do. However *SPOILER* when he tells his kid to play the violin because it’s ‘cool’ I got annoyed. Never mind mentioning anything about the talent it takes or how his son is dedicated, no, it’s cool to play the violin. ARE YOU SAYING I’M NOT COOL? *SPOILER*

-Maya aka. Rani: She really is the lightest grey, she can see her husband is trying to love her and accepts her for who she is but she never seems to be able to appreciate that. Nonetheless, unlike Dev, she wants to keep her marriage together. She’d reluctant to get into a relationship with him and tries pretty hard to balance her double life. *SPOILER* Where did she randomly get the money to buy or even rent a new house the moment she left?*

-Rhea aka. Preity: Really ambitious but still loves Dev. However I get this feeling she just can’t understand him and she knows this at the back of her mind. At the beginning she just can’t give her son enough time but develops throughout. She always seems to be above others, especially near Maya, ok I can understand she ruined her life but there’s no need to look at her as if she’s vermin.

-Rishi aka. Abhishek: A child at heart and one of the most amusing characters, he can’t accept his wife doesn’t love him and, like a child, doesn’t think before he speaks. On the other hand, you can see he really is making an effort to please Maya despite her shortcomings but just doesn’t know the right way to go about it. One thing pleased me though *SPOILER* Even when he had found out about Maya’s infidelity and was stark raving mad, he still didn’t hit her, didn’t hurt her in any way *SPOILER*

The slapstick worked well in places such as:

“If you think you can bribe me in to giving you a party…. you’re absolutely right!”

But there were bits *ahemBlackBeastahem* that were overdone. You can clearly see it’s Karan Johar’s film right from the glitzy settings to the loving parents. I really liked Amitabh Bachchan and Kirron Kher in it. I can’t think of any more to say so I’ll end it here.

Rating: 2.5/5 A difficult subject handled in a reasonably interesting way


  1. uh uh i agree on some of the points except i hardly think Rani or SRK did any acting in the movie!
    havent u seen SRK giving the same expression in half a dozen movies of late?im sick of it..
    n I AM A NUTTY SRK FAN myself!loved him throughout my childhood n still do..but i really dnt think he did any proper acting other than looking pissed off all the time:((

    n Rani!i think this is 1 of the worst acting she has ever done in her entire career graph!wt was so outstanding in it?any newcomer could have done just as a good job.or may be better!:((
    n i dnt think even as a character Maya was anything to be appreciative..wanting to hold on to the marriage is a sorry of an excuse after wt she did!well wtever im thru looking for rational thought in KJos films..lol

    anyway in my opinion Preity n Abhishek were simply outstanding in their characters..they were perfect..i loved Rishi as a person..n as a girl can pretty much say he is the dream guy or the proverbial 'Mr. PERFECT' every girl dreams to have as her husband.
    anyway Rhea wasn't perfect. She didn't have time 4 the family..But as she says she works very hard to give her son all he deserves which a football coach can't give him..with success a person acquires confidence..n she was confident..n she had pride n dignity.n that was wt came out all the time..smtimes one can mistake pride as arrogance..
    n lol if I meet the 'other woman' in my life i'd probably look down at her too..(im not married yet but I think its human to be like that!sm1 else might have given her a tight slap,wherein Rhea is dignified throughout the movie)

    Even all the film critics gave the same review..n only Rhea n Rishi's character acting were spared a good dressing down..

    personally i think the film was a tad bit too long..wish the editing was sharper n the middle specially sm parts b/w SRK n Rani..

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for your comment! I can see where you're coming from with SRK because he always looked angry and sick of life and agree he always uses the same expressions but there were moments between Maya and Dev where SRK looked like he was just trying to hold all of his frustration in but it was coming out anyway which really struck me.

    I do disagree on Rani though, she stood out to me because I could clearly see how confused Maya was through her face, not knowing why this 'mohabbat' felt so right when she knew it was wrong. I liked Maya's character especially at the beginning as I admired the way she wanted to make it work even though she knew she didn't love him. It may not be one of her best performances but I could feel what Maya was feeling through her :)

    I guess you are right about the way Rhea reacted to Maya seen as she probably did deserve a slap, but I thunk I felt like that because I, as the audience, knew how Maya had felt, how she'd suffered without Dev, so I sympathised with her. Nonetheless I still feel Thea acted a little haughty especially near her colleagues, a bit like a Diva.

    Rishi really us a sweet character, even if he does need a little babying. I admire the way he tries to stay calm with Maya and truly loves her and I reasonably liked his acting unlike Preity's and I normally like her!

    I guess it would have benefitted from a little sharper editing but I didn't notice it dragging on because wherever I got bored my mind just drifted off a little

    I tend to avoid other reviews until I've written my own becaue or else I tend to find that all of my ideas have already been used up elsewhere :p

    Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it!

  3. I thought both Rani and SRK *seemed* like they phoned in this movie. Of course, I also found the subject matter utterly distasteful so that didn't help, and then KJo seemed confused about the point he wanted to make--was it that, sometimes, two completely undeserving individuals find happiness together? Cuz, dude, we didn't need this nasty plotline to figure that out. Just saying.

    About the fashion pictures: try this.

  4. I didn't feel it was all that distasteful, seen as it had all the masala elements :)

    My best guess would be that he didn't make it clear whether it was right or wrong because it reflected on the issue itself, it's wrong to cheat on a partner, but we are all also entitled to happiness, and some people find it in awkward places. In my opinion, Rani deserved it because she didn't really want to marry Abhishek and she had that invisible pressure of being brought up by Sam.
    She resisted this tempting happiness but fell for it when it just felt right even thought she knew it was wrong.
    Dev is another matter, I pity him and his shattered career but he can get downright ungrateful. Overall, I didn't hate it, nothing to rave about but nothing to rant about, I think.

    I'm glad you decided to share your thoughts and there is absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing on a point, it leads to progress :)

  5. I saw the movie First Day First Show when it released and I found it pretty decent, not awesome but not bash-worthy either...some parts are of course lame (black-beast! my God!) while some downright suck! (a lot of SRK's ham scenes!) but i think Karan Johar has done a good job at scripting the movie...the drama is really well handled - and lets not forget not many today can handle drama well without making it look phony - the music is good but for me, dialogues took the cake...they are just really well penned! And this is the only movie starring Amitabh and Abhishek in which they have acted really well, without going over the top! A pretty good movie , definitely better than Johar's previous directorial venture - K3G!

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

    Well, KANK is on a very different topic to K3G and I felt this topic was one where there was a lot of potential to infuse plenty of drama and the director did just that!

    I agree that some bits were pretty pathetic but on the whole, it was a good attempt...