Thursday, 18 February 2010

Salman’s Joining Twitter and a couple of mini reviews

Salman Khan is joining twitter but I hope he refers to us as more than the ‘common people’ like he did on his blog!

Love Aaj Kal

I probably didn’t do it justice with my miniscule review in one of my previous posts.

I just cant understand how one can possibly enjoy this! Throughout this, all I wanted to do was doze off, what was there to enjoy?

Now generally I think Saif is OK and Deepika is quite sweet but I saw very little in either of their performances here. The parallel storylines weren’t hard to follow but I found myself drawn to Rishi Kapoor’s past a lot more than Saif’s present storyline. Thier love seemed so much more simple and clean, while the modern one seemed more about lust than love! Jai and Meera hit me as plain confused, by the intermisiion I was yelling for them to just quickly discover that they loved each other and be together and spare me the pain!

The only performance I liked was that of Giselle Montiero, in her debut as the sweet longing Harleen Kaur. Another plus point was the music, it’s generally enjoyable and doesn’t slow down the narration.

I’m disappointed with Imtiaz Ali, after giving us the superb Jab We Met, why did he have to plague us with this?!?

Overall: It dragged on for far too long and the storyline just wasn’t captivating enough!

Rating: 1/5


Dostana’s a nice flick that no one should take seriously.

The first half was entertaining but the second let me down. Priyanka’s role was a cakewalk and she fit right into the skin of her character. John and Abhishek were totally entertaining but I felt the rather touchy issue of gay relationships could have been handled by Karan with a bit more care. I mean *SPOILER* if an inspector comes over to check if you’re gay, the last thing you want to do is overact in front of him! Surely he’s not that stupid? Well, apparently he is. *SPOILER*

Bobby Deol needs to take classes in chemistry as the second half was spoilt partly due to him. I didn’t think the transition from slapstick humour to rona dhona was smooth enough.

Overall: Just watch when you have some spare time on your hands

Rating: 3/5

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