Sunday, 14 February 2010

Buzz edition no.1

I thought I'd create some posts about the latest buzz around B'town so here goes...

Aish is really ill so Abhi had to step in to take an award on her behalf, I have to admit, the illness does sound serious.

Some celeb thoughts on Valentine's Day...

I'm getting a bit sick of the amount of news spewing out over My Name Is Khan but here's a nice review. I'll write my own once I've seen it.

I like this bit though:
My name is Bollywood and I'm not just an entertainer

Amitabh is leaving Jaya for his dog! Why do I get the feeling he's going a bit senile with old age?

Nobody does this Shanouk .. no one !! What you do no one else does! Are you aware of this? You should be .. but you never express it. How does one describe you? You must be exceptional to all. Such a blessing that you are who you are... and not a human!


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