Monday, 22 February 2010

Buzz edition no. 4

Shahid’s birthday is coming up so I thought I’d start with some news about that…

Shahid is gifting himself guitar lessons for his birthday, I’m sure he’ll be strumming away in no time!

Deepika would like to work with Madhur some time in the future… I wonder what Fashion would have looked like if Deepika had been in it, I think she would have looked a lot more innocent. I want to see Karthik Calling Karthik!

Leap Year, a Hollywood film has been inspired by Jab We Met, is set to release on 26th Feb. Here’s the trailer:

I know if I watch this I’ll constantly be comparing their acting and plot to that of Shahid and Kareena’s. Here it also hits me as Geet’s character is a lo more annoying than in Jab We Met.

While we’re talking about these two… Shahid and Kareena are apparently friends again as they were talking at SRK’s party celebrating the success of MINK.

SRK tends to do well overseas… tell us something we don’t know. MNIK has broken records overseas.

On Times Of India, there is a regular article about celeb tweets, they are normally quite entertaining and here’s today’s. SRK just bamboozled me there…

There’s a rumour Shahid and Anushka ran away from the sets of Badmaash Company to practise kissing because they were no good the first time round. Apparently, they went and bought books on the topic and returned and gave a perfect smooch. The reporter says they were in Mumbai but the earlier report that came out saying the had lip locked in the first place said they had been in Bangkok when they shot the kiss. The moral of the story: if you’re going to lie, lie convincingly!

That’s all for this edition!

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