Sunday, 14 February 2010

16th Annual Ftar Fcreen Awardf! Along with a very short review of Love Aaj Kal

Last week I decided to give this a try, even after last year’s disaster with Farah and Sajid, two people with very little comic skills. I’m glad I did because it was an absolute delight to watch! The hosting was better, with Shahid being absolutely hilarious and Omi did a good job too though. Here’s a list to the main people who performed and hosted and my opinion:

  • Madhavan: In all honesty, not that much comedy coming from him. He seemed there pretty much only to give Omi the cues and introduce ‘Aamir Khan’. But he was bearable all the same.
  • Vishal Bhardwaj: I know he didn’t host or perform but I loved his questioning. ‘Saale Kutte’ really got me laughing, which was topped off with Shahid’s ‘Main kutte banne ke liye bhi tayar hoon’ and Shahrukh’s ‘Kamineeey grrr!’
  • Kareena: I have to admit, she gave the best female performance. Her introduction was also rib tickling, I thought it was really polite of Shahid to go along with all of this and even clap for her. Back to Kareena, atleast she looked like she was performing that challenged her slightly and not too much of the gliding across the stage like Katrina.
  • Katrina: She actually danced in this, unlike in the promo of the Stardust Awards below, there was some gliding across the stage as mentioned above especially in Tera Hone Laga Hoon but otherwise it was a nice, pleasing performance. I giggled at her introduction, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome on stage *high pitched voice and jig* Katrina Kaif!’
  • Bipasha: Strangely enough, I normally find her more impressive than this… I can’t remember which awards show it was but on one of them she put on a stunning performace of Lucky Boy but here, as hard as she tried to make her Paa dance funny, it seemed more immature than professional. I slightly felt sorry for her because she hardly got an introduction, compare hers to Kareena’s!
  • Amitabh: His performance was a bore in all honesty. However, I liked his “speech” when accepting the Jodi number 1 award. I must also add, his Paa dance was quite sweet.
  • Omi Vaidya: Now we’re coming to the real hosts! Although most of Omi’s ‘shudh’ Hindi was too complex for me to understand, the bits I did were thoroughly enjoyable. One of my favourite bits were Katrina’s entrance ‘Prem angry ho jayegi’Arrey main bhi to Prem hoon Rajshri ki’ The two had a great rapport. I wasn’t too keen on his ‘edited’ songs with Madhavan and only the lyrics tickled my funny bone.
  • Salman Khan: I guess the background story was quite cute but what failed was that the children seemed to dance better than Sallu himself! Still, it was a valiant effort, showing the kinder and better side of Salman.
  • Shahrukh Khan: He has hosted before so of course expectations were high but I felt he was trying really hard to steal the limelight all the time, I think he wrote the script because whenever he was on stage, all the bindaas lines went to him, leaving poor Shahid with ‘ji’ and ‘yes’. At times I felt he was being quite harsh,

He cannot do it… Kareena Kapoor’

Abbey, autograph tera baad mein hoga’

Control yourself Shahid’

It isn’t anyone’s fault if they stammer! I know it sounds like I took this all too seriously but in all honesty I loved his jokes but these are just afterthoughts I am having.

  • Shahid Kapoor: I absolutely loved his bits (inner fangirl comes out)! And I’m glad he gave credit to Aamir although I thought the ‘tofu’ stuff was pushed a bit too far. His geeky act was really sweet and I enjoyed his comebacks:

Honesty pe aa hi gaye hain to main bhi ke sakte hoon ki aap Amitji ko hamesha copy karte hain, arrey copy kya… aap to uske filme kar rahe hain’

He says it with such an innocent shaitan look on his face! His copy of Aamir was good but then again, it is quite easy to mimic him. I thought his entrance was also really original. On a side note, in his speech ‘acche’ gets replaced by ‘tuchhe’, what does tucche mean?

Overall, this was probably the best SSA I’ve ever seen, everything was good about it except for who the awards went to but I think most of us have established that already.

Stardust promo:

Saif + Kareena + Dancing = Ridiculously hilarious!

As for the review of Love Aaj Kal- Totally, utterly and completely boring! Can't believe it won't so many awards!


  1. Damn...I haven't watched SSA yet! Loved your post though, makes me more eager put aside a good few hours for this. All the promos I've seen so far were very intriguing. The tagline "Ab dekho jo kabhi na dekha" seems to hold true. So Shahid turned out to be quite the successful entertainer...koi shaq? ;)

  2. No shaq at all! Thank you for your comment...

    I really enjoyed SSA this year, much better than last years, definitely!

    What did you think of the Stardust promo? I need to watch Saifeena in that just for the laughs!