Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rewatches Rewatches

I’ve rewatched a few movies recently and I thought I’d review the rewatches! I’ll start from the worst and move down to the best… This is just how good I felt the rewatch was, not how good I felt the film was.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

The first time I watched this I gave it a 3.5 out of 5. Now, after rewatching it, I’d probably give it 1! This is definitely a one time watch. The first time I found the acting varying between good and average, on the rewatch I found it all more hamming and Ranbir’s fake stammer was really starting to get to me. Katrina seemed OK on the rewatch but Ranbir had my begging for my sanity! He seemed to overact in all the scenes except for the emotional ones. the songs were nice once again, but the story seemed to drag on and on, until I had to switch it of halfway to spare my brain from melting. Never again!

Three Idiots

This, to my surprise wasn’t anywhere near as good on the rewatch. This might be because you already know what is going to happen, and when it is going to happen. The acting still felt excellent, even if Kareena’s over expressive face started getting to me a bit after a while. I guess it was the way the director wanted to make sure he disappointed no one and practically spoon fed the audience every little idea and part of the plot that spoiled the rewatch. It is understandable the first time, but by the third ‘demo’ we’ve got the idea that Rancho is a genius with a heart of gold, no need to force it down our throats with the fourth, fifth and sixth demos! Overall worth it if you are an Aamir fan like me and for the light comedy moments.

Chak De India

On a side note, is it me or does this poster suggest Shahrukh=God?

This was just as good on the second viewing. *SPOILER ALERT* You know India is going to win *SPOILER ALERT* but you keep cheering them on all the same. I guess what works here is the fact that the plot is so simple and meaningful, that it doesn’t need to be spoon fed to us, we’re big enough to take it in by ourselves. I’m a sucker for patriotic films to this completely worked for me, I can hear Maula Mere Lele Teri Jaan a thousand times and still love it afresh! Shahrukh was so sincere in this, it really touched my heart, you could feel the patriotic blood pumping through his veins, coupled with his need to prove himself. The film has good rewatch value mostly because of its performances, the girls are really believable and I have no problem with Balbeer’s monobrow.


As anyone who reads this blog can tell, I adored this film even the first time round.

This one seems to be like wine (not that I drink), it gets better with age… I actually preferred it the second time round in comparison to the first. This film compels you to rewatch it because it is so darn difficult to understand the plot the first time round and take note of the subtle symbolism used and the dialogues and the acting and the drama and the list goes on. Like on my fourth viewing I worked out *SPOILER ALERT* the brothers fight at the end in the old house they used to live in as kids together, how fymbolic and fweet!*SPOILER ALERT*

Also, it was refreshing to watch some real acting after partly rewatching Ajab Prem Ghazab Kahani, once again, I was left stuttering by Shahid’s rendition of a stammer. The dialogues were so new and original, they really stood out in the rewatch, I leart about four new Hindi swear words in one night because of Kaminey.

Overall, I’d recommend everyone to watch this at least twice to really enjoy it, I know I’ll be watching again!

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