Sunday, 28 February 2010

Buzz Edition no.5

I haven’t had a buzz edition in some time (probably a week) so I thought that could be today’s post…

This is quite hilarious! This is the internet’s reaction to Saif getting the Padmashree… as you can guess, it’s not positive!

Kirathanz Saif Ali Khan gets a Padma Shri For what to get Kareena to size zero I thought it was a scientific achievement!!

I don’t believe this! This can’t be true, Shahid Kapoor and Piyanka Chopra don’t hit me as such people.

Here’s the winners from this years Filmfare awards, I don’t agree with a few such as 3 Idiots for best story… Hello! It was copied from a book! And Ranbir for Best Actor Male, true he has consistently been giving good performances throughout the year but they don’t come anywhere near Shahid’s perfection in acting out Charlie and Guddu. Hell, the guy can’t even carry out a stammer accurately. Filmfare was a dud this year, but the performances might turn out to be good. I’ve heard SRK and Saif did a great and entertaining job.

On a side note did you know half the ‘performances’ don’t even happen in front of a live audience? Kareena, Deepika, Katrina and Salman performed before the main event and pictures are being used from then, the audience are told to cheer as if a star if onstage and the sounds are added later. Check out and scroll through her tweets to see what I mean! Only Shahid, Ritesh and Jacqueline had the guts to perform in front of a live audience. Shame on the rest of you!

Its good to hear exes can still remain friends (that is if they were ever together and its not just rumours).

A hilariously cute interview with Shahid and Genelia:

What happened when you guys met for the first time on the sets?
S: I was shooting from eight in the morning to nine in the night. I was tired when the ‘star’ Genelia arrived.
G: Rubbish. I was waiting since nine in the morning to shoot with the ‘star’ Shahid. I was waiting for the star to finish his shoot so that we could start shooting.
S: Rubbish. I was waiting for her and she finally came after her beauty sleep.
G: Rubbish. Never. I came after waiting for so many hours in my van.
S: What did you do in the van, when you were waiting? Push ups? You were sleeping only ...

They seem to like the work rubbish!

Kajol and Ajay’s relationship seem to be treading the rocky road… I’m sure everything will be fine though!

Here’s a rather catty article about Imran and the camera, do the paparazzi know what the word privacy means?

Here’s an interesting comparison of the different dancers in B’town

That’s it for today folks!

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