Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Awards are no rewards

I’m fuming at the Filmfare list so I thought I’d have a post where you can comment on any award that has been given to someone you think doesn’t deserve it or an award that hasn’t been given an award who you feel really does deserve it.

Oh and don’t forget to explain why in each case!

P.S. They don't have to be Filmfare, any award show over the years. This may seem like a wierd and pointless post, I just want to see if I get any funny comments... Thank you Darshit for your comment, it helped me realise how vague the above post had been. Thankf!


  1. u going to put a separate post for that?
    Indeed, filmfare awards are of no credibility now. Imagine Deepika Padukone getting nominated for Best 'Actress' ?!!!

    oh, i have a suggestion that change your comment form to popup comment. so whole page does not get loaded again when we clik on post comment.:)

  2. I have a separate post so I can have a look at everyone's comments in one go rather than, these mixed in with others... Also, I could add here that I wanted to know why! I agree, Filmfare have lost a lot of their credibility, which I do feel they used to have. Deepika is pretty terrible at acting and should definitely not have been nominated, but atleast she didn't win.

    I'm not sure how you do that, but I get annoyed at popup comment boxes because they take longer to load on my computer than a normal comment box so I thought I'd have a normal comment box for this blog.

    Thank you for visiting my small corner of the blogosphere!