Sunday, 14 March 2010

Awards: Filmfare and the Golden Kela

Filmfare disappointed pretty badly on a range of different level so I won’t go on for too long…


As most people have gathered, I’m not too happy with some of the recipients, so lets not dwell on that…


SRK and Saif disappointed yaar! I was expecting a lot more from the epic duo… They seemed determined to get a cheap joke in everywhere at all costs. But all the same, my favourite jokes were:

1. “Raj, then Rahul, then Raj, then Rahul…”

2. “Bloooo, bloooo” hey we all have to be childish sometimes!

But overall they managed to make me smile occasionally. But the lady of the day must go to Vidya Balan for her hilariously witty retorts to SRK and Saif, does anyone think they might have been decided on beforehand?

“Kuch kuch hota hai… Karan Johar ke liye” “I’ll choose death”

I thought the whole Neil Nitin Mukesh thing was over the top… really, do they have to sink so low for drama and TRPs?


This was the only bit that didn’t disappoint, even if I was annoyed at the ‘Aamirs’ in Kareena’s performance. However, I think Shahid and Katrina gave their career best performances!

I know I’ve posted Katrina’s before but she actually DANCED so I have to post it again!

Shahid’s tribute was frigging unbelievable! Fine, no one can beat the legend, but Shahid put in so much work in that, now I’ll stop before I get too fangirly.


The Golden Kela Awards is India’s reply to the Razzies of Hollywood… here’s the winners and my thoughts.

Worst Film - Kambakkht Ishq

In complete agreement, I’m lucky to have survived that one.

Worst Director - Ashutosh Gowariker

I thought What’s Your Raashee was meaningful at heart but just far too long…

Worst Actor - Harman Baweja (Whats Your Rashee)

Well, if you compare his performance to Akshay’s in CC2C, he seems to be Amitabh Bachchan himself!

Worst Actress - Kareena Kapoor (Kambakkht Ishq)

Yes, I can understand this choice, all she did was be herself onscreen ;)

Worst Supporting Actor - Ranvir Shorey (Chandni Chowk to China )

I thought it was passable, but I can’t think of someone who deserved it more… any ideas?
Worst Supporting Actress – Deepika Padukone (Chandni Chowk to China the role as meow meow)

Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad! I thought she played it quite well, not her fault if the script and character development was weak.

Worst Debutant Male - Jakky Bhagnani

No comment.

Worst Debutant Female - Shruti Hassan

WTF!?! I adore the way this girl looks and her acting isn’t half bad! Shruti was one of my favourite debutants of the year!

Worst Pair - Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapoor

Sounds like they didn’t see Lara and Sanjay in Blue then… These two had some great chemical moments :)
Most ‘Original’ Story Award - Dil Bole Hadippa (Copied from She’s The Man)

Unfortunately, I agree.

Baawra Ho Gaya Hai Ke (Have you gone nuts) - Denise Richards and Sylvester Stallone

Why nuts? Should Hollywood actors and actresses be discouraged from working in Bollywood? It’s a different issue when we consider which film they started off in though.

Most Irritating Song – Love mera Hit Hit (Billu)

I agree with this because it was annoyingly cheesy and more annoyingly catchy. :(

But there were others just as bad… Marjaani and Om Mangalam for a start.

Most Atrocious Lyrics – Love me Love me (Wanted)

The lyrics were pretty terrible, so I’m in agreement.

The Insensitivity Award - Chandni Chowk to China

Where was this insensitive? Yes, some bits were inaccurate and WTFish, but not really insensitive…

When Did this Come Out – FOX

I don’t really et this one, could someone please explain?

Special Awards include:
Lajja Award for Worst Treatment of a Serious Issue – Kabir Khan and Aditya Chopra (New York)

I thought New York was quite an awesome movie and quite sensitive too, so I think this one should have gone to someone else, but who? That is the question…

Dara Singh Award For Worst Accent - Abhiskek Bachchan (Delhi 6)

Or maybe Shahid Kapoor for his “XYZ rocks man” in Dil Bole Hadippa (yes I criticize him too sometimes)

Black Award for Emotional Blackmail- Amithab Bachchan (Paa)

Agreed. That was the heights

Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award (stop making the films ) - Madhur Bhandarkar

OMG, why???? Just because Jail was an utter bore? Has everyone forgotten Fashion?

Critic’s Award – Taran Adarsh

What on Earth is this one about?

None of the winners were present to accept their awards. lol


  1. hahaha..yaaa baggie...the blooooo blooooo or huurrrr hurrrr was damn funny...Saif n SRK did great at that scene...

    Shahid obviously ROCKED..His MJ tribute was AWESOME... Kat's performance was good too..

    Love mera hit hit is a fab song..I dont know why it got the worst song award..and same goes 4 shani..They were ok couple but not the worst..
    But rest of them derserves...

  2. Thank you so much for using some of your time to actually read my rambly post and even comment!!!

    Yes, this is where all the magic happens ;), why I gave myself the name MsBlogger...
    Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere! I hope you decide to visit again.

  3. I too believe that whats your raashee was good.Disagree at Harman being bad. It was Akki whose every single movie in 2009 was bad, and for the first time, I saw them all in theatres.. [damn you hyped publicity].

    Shruti's award is perfect. And so is the irritating song. The thing abt 'Have u gone nuts' is-if hollywood actors want to work here, they should choose movies wisely.

    When did this come out- this was meant for the movies that sank without a single trace. u remember the movie 'Fox' btw?

    I and most of other bloggers agree that New York was a nice effort to balance entertainment and serious issue. I would have given this award to Kurbaan.

    Critics awards was for bad reviews. Taran adarsh is nuts. u can read his reviews to believe why this went to him. read it at

  4. @ Darshit Thanks for explaining the 'When did this come out' category, I thought they were talking about the distributing company FOX, oops! Yes, I can't even remember it as a film, which shows it sank without a trace... It was the Sunny Deol one right?

    You're not going to believe this but I haven't seen Kurbaan yet, mad I know... but I'm waiting to get my hands on the DVD.

    Yes, when I thought about, the Critics category made sense too, Taran Adarsh is mad at times I agree and I have a few too many of his reviews I think. However, he does seem to have a point occasionally.

    Akki had a terrible year last year when it comes to quality performances, I feel sorry for you, imagine actually going to the cinemas to watch all them!

    What did you think of the fimlfare awards in terms of hosting and performances?

  5. sometimes, bad bad comedy makes me laugh and sometimes not. this time SRKsaif were so loud repetative and obscene.
    About awards, I have stopped believing in filmfares due to various reasons. first-they should find an option rather than giving best music to Rahman each year. And pretty less awards for Luck By Chance, put me off.

    Most of the 'pen & paper' awards like story, script and screenplay went to 3 idiots. even editing. C'mon, i m biggest fan of Aamir and 3 idiots, but to be frank there were movies with tight editing or 'innovative' story. Take Kaminey's awesome screenplay and editing. Also, neither place, Raju Hirani or Abhijat did 'thanked' Chetan Bhagat the writer of book, from which story, screenplay....everything - was 'inspired'.

  6. So did you like SRK and Saif humour this time?
    I sometimes find crude humour hilarious while at other times I find it dull and dreary...

    Have you read 5 point someone? Three idiots is really different to the book and you can say it was just 'inspired by' Chetans book. But yes I agree that 3 Idiots shouldn't win awards for the storyline.

    Kaminey reminds me of Sholay, a cult classic that only won one technical award at Filmfare... I had faith in them till this year :(

    Rahman didn't create any good music this year in my opinion, your thoughts?

  7. well, Delhi 6 was pure magic. no two ways abt it.But i m just telling him to make way for new talents. 25 filmfares are enough i say

  8. Yes, I couldn't believe he had so many! It sounded like he was boasting a little tbh, but I still adore most of his work... Delhi 6 didn't work for me except for possibly Genda Phool which was beautiful... neither did Slumdog Millionaire except for Ringa Ringa, I really didn't like Jai Ho :(

    It's not really his fault if he gets FF awards, he doesn't control them and the only way he can stop getting them and make way for new talent is by not creating music which is something I'd never want. But I agree new talent should be encouraged :)

    So have you read 5 point someone? How similar did you think it was to the film?