Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Best of the Best… Photo Shoots

Here’s collection of my favourite photo shoots of stars where they have been dressed and made up to look picture perfect…

Kareena 1

Kareena looking stunning in a beautiful gown, only the hair spoils it for me.

I love everything about this one: the outfit, the pose the background. She reminds me of the head girl at St. Trinians here.


A snazzy picture of the photogenic Amrita Rao, loving the pose!

Hot hot hot hot hot! Gargh! I have no other word for it!

Our pretty Priyanka Chopra rocking the short hair here, interesting pose, but I’m not too fond the dress.

The boy is born for the camera! I like what he’s wearing too.

I admit we can’t see what he’s wearing but this is still such an awesome photo! How do they do those tattoos? Are they fake or edited on?

Here’s another born for the camera! I like the use of shadow on his face.

The first photo shoot of the return of the golden couple! I’ll admit I don’t like what Kajol is wearing here… and her eyeliner is far too thick!

My favourite from that photo shoot, but I think its been photoshopped, Kajol’s arms aren’t that thin…

Sonam Kapoor

This photo has a bindaas feel to it from the unkempt hair, the smile and the angle of her head. Sonam proves herself to be photogenic once again, to top it off, I love the pearl necklace!

Sonam in a gorgeous Indian dress, in front of an equally gorgeous background. I want that dress!

She started off as a model and is reaching new heights in her career, the dazzling Deepika Padukone is stunning the lens once again here. I like the simplicity of what she’s wearing and her hairstyle.

If anyone can think of a picture that should be included in this post, post them or a link to them in the comments section below. All credit will go to you.

And now to finish off with a picspam of Shahid!


  1. Love the pictures you chose... my faves are Sonam in the red dress, Deepika on the beach and ALL the shots of Shahid. I love Shahid, love how he's simultaneously so cute and so hot. I love his tweets too by the way (saw your comment over on So They Dance) - he comes across as a sincere guy.

  2. @DG And I love you! Just kidding!
    Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere, yes Sonam and Deepika are stunning and Shahid can always work his jaadu on me. I hope you decide to visit again! His tweets are heartfelt even if they aren't all that witty ;)