Thursday, 18 March 2010

Paathshaala Music Review

I had expectations from this one, it was the first album I was looking forward to after MNIK so I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint and in all honesty it didn't!

Aye Khuda is easily my favourite and has a young and calm feel to it that seems to be lacking a bit in music nowadays, I also adore the lyrics of the chorus…

Bekaraar is alright I guess, I like the background music a lot but the singer felt a bit screechy to my untrained ears.

Mujhe Teri stood out because of its soft, melodious feel and I can’t wait to see how this feeling is captured onscreen!

Khushnuma has the modern feel to balance out the traditional sound of Teri Marzi… plus the chorus is very catchy but I doubt it’ll go down in history.

Teri Marzi has a strong traditional vibe that I like in the background of a video but not all that much just to listen to, but all in all an ok song.

The theme tune is rocking! The way it changes from the Aye Khuda background music is interesting, it also gets in your head to stay there, I also think its sweet to get kids to sing it.

The new thing about this album is that all the singer are people who normally compose and sing a little, making it one of its kind… I liked it a lot and I think Aye Khuda might be here to stay!


  1. Paathshaaal music is sooo sweet n melodious..lyrics r awesome too..mindblowing music.I LUV it..
    my fav is aaye khuda n bekraar..

  2. Thanks for popping in! Yes it is a lovable album that I really do like!

  3. later i listened Paathshala theme, its nice but reminds me of 'Bheja Kum' of TzP. But overall, its most played OST right now on my playlist.

  4. Now you mention Bheja Kum, I guess the bit with the teachers talking was a bit like Bheja Kum, but while Bheja Kum had this angsty, desperate feel to it, I felt the theme tune was more centred on freedom, to be like a bird rather than the angry lyrics of Bheja... whatsay?

    Yes, it has plenty of hits on my iPod too