Monday, 29 March 2010

My Take on… Student Suicides

A link I got from @Shahid_Online, it really is a desperate problem that needs to be looked into.

I watched Chal Chalein to see their take on the situation and although it was a really dull and dreary film, it did come to light that maybe a government scheme to help both parents and children make the right career choices with their likes and dislikes in mind might help, but in the end, it has to be a decision made by the child with guidance from parents, teachers etc.

I’m glad Shahid has decided to help out but I don’t really know how much he can actually do, I mean he’s only one person, he may be able to convince his fangirls to not take their lives and maybe even those who look at him as role models, I hope he does more than just address the students, maybe he could start up a programme to make students aware of the range of careers available and how achievable they are… not everyone can come to Mumbai and become the next Shahrukh, but may can go into theatre or even teaching with a degree in Performing Arts.

I’ve never known anyone who has committed suicide while still a student, although I know a few who have attempted it and it normally has been because of exam pressures, so would there be any good in abolishing exams altogether?  We need qualifications but not at the cost of our lives!

I was always told I could go down any route I wanted to as long as I’d thought it through, knew what I was doing and would never have to rely on others later in life and I am thankful to my parents for that…

When the pressure gets too much, or an exam goes badly I guess it’s best to just take a couple of minutes to zone out and really just view the big picture… how important is it in the end? Can you not move on? Also parents need to be more supportive in allowing their children to take whichever route they like and are talented in… Its good to see in India, there are more and more students going down the Arts route unlike before when it was only considered ‘proper’ to go down the Sciences route, although I could be considered a hypocrite because I went down the Sciences route but that was because that is where my talent and interest lies, I use my creative side when writing stories or even blogging!

“No job is little” This is so true but it is lost on so many parents because, as is to be expected, they want the best for their child, but as Madhavan said in 3I, it’s better to live poor but happy, than rich and discontented…

I really have no clue why I typed all this… It has very little to do with Bollywood!

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