Sunday, 7 March 2010

Buzz Edition no.6

To celebrate Filmi Girl returning to the US and starting her gossip posts again, I thought I’d do a buzz post of my own…

Here’s a middling review of Road, Movie, I’m not sure I want to see it anymore…

Vidya thinks link ups are fun… only if the article is written well!

One of the bits that show up in the Filmfare promo is the Neil vs SRK bit. Neil sounds really innocent here. Good to hear it was all a joke.

Equality for women FTW! Here’s an interesting take on the women of Bollywood… I think the Chak De girls stand out and Priyanka from Fashion

I’m part of a community called Olive Cookie and there, there has been a debate on Shahid Kapoor vs Ranbir Kapoor. Who gets your vote and why?

Katrina gave her best performance ever at Filmfare!

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