Monday, 3 May 2010

And Finally… Badmaash Company Music Review

If I’m honest, it didn’t live up to my expectations. That’s my problem, I always expect too much, I expected too much of Chance Pe Dance and enjoyed it less when I saw it; when I saw it again expecting nothing, it was much more enjoyable. The same is happening here. I didn’t like the album much at first but now it’s in my top twenty!

Ayaashi- The catchiest of a catchy bunch! The lyrics aren’t full of meaning but still contains poetic techniques like alliteration and repetition. The remix turns this fun filled song into a dance number which isn’t too bad but definitely isn’t as good as the original. But then again, I tend to have a prejudice against remixes.

Jingle Jingle- While I was on YouTube watching the video I saw in the comments that a lot of people didn’t like the change to a Punjabi chorus. I’m surprised because in my opinion it’s one of the best bits in the album! It isn’t overdone and it’s catchy so what’s wrong with it? I do like the guitar riff and the lyrics at the beginning but I, not exactly welcome, but rather don’t mind the change.

Fakeera- It may come as a surprise but I’m not a huge fan of this one. I’m used to Rahet Fateh Ali Khan singing songs like Aaj Din Chaddeya, not rock based ones like Fakeera. There was just something a little lifeless about it and I’m hoping it’ll either grow on me or the video will make up for it.

Chaska- This one grows on you. It reminds me of Fatak, I don’t like it at first but really like it after hearing it a few more times. Once again, a very catchy song with a great chorus! The video adds to it all and it had me humming it all day! It's remix ws far better than that of Ayaashi’s, it kept the essence of the song while making it peppier and a work of art in its own right.

Badmaash Company- This is actually a really fun song with the video! Did anyone else notice that the girl singing in the video sounded like she had a blocked nose? Just at the beginning when she says: “Look look left, look look right” Nonetheless I liked the '”hey ho hey ho hi, paisa bana le bhai, hey ho hey ho hey hi” bit. The lyrics are pointless but the fun video makes it all bearable and actually pretty fun!

So that’s my summing up… Do you agree/disagree? What was your favourite song?


  1. So far I like Ayaashi the best; my reaction to the Badmaash Company video was the opposite of yours. I thought it was boring and seeing Anoushka gyrating on that motorcycle was a major gross-out. I might just have to listen to the song again without watching the video to see if I like it without the tacky visuals.

  2. I agree totally that Anuskha gyrating is a total downer but it was the worst bit in my opinion, but in general I thought the video went well with the whole 'we are best friends who also have an interesting style sense' idea.
    I think the song doesn't really stand all that well by itself. What dya think of Fakeera?

    Thanks so much for commenting Ajnabi! I'm actaully honoured because it was ur blog that got me blogging so thanks so much! I love ur post abt watching JWM with your frieds!

  3. Hi,

    Nice honest review. Give Fakeera a couple more tries, u mit end up liking it :) Nice fun album it is tho...

    Btw, u look lik a major Shahid fan! high 5!

  4. I love love love Fakeera within the film! The whole bit there was touching...

    Thanks for visiting and yep I'm a fan...:)