Sunday, 20 February 2011

Apologies and explanations

I feel I owe anybody who may have glanced at this blog in the last 3 months an apology. I felt my infatuation (*cough* addiction) with Shahid Kapoor was going too far and so I quit all things Bollywood apart from the odd movie here and there. This included my blog and I ought to have explained things a bit earlier but once I left I was determined to not return. As well as this, I had my exams which are becoming more important by the minute and so they came first but that's a pathetic excuse and I know it.

However, now I feel as if I have really managed to move on and felt confident enough to return to this blog without feeling as if I had to revert to my old ways. I have decided to only write posts in holidays and if I have time. Thank you to anyone who visits this blog even after such a long time, you can't imagine how much I appreciate you all!

I've decided that when I do post anything, it'll be much fairer than before. That's not to say I've become the diplomat (I could never be), I'm just no longer blinded by a certain someone.

Thank you to anyone who reads this!

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