Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool’s

Well thank God Shahid has denied that previous story on twitter!

Hahahaha not gettin hitched all check da date mornin all have a fun day its a hot day b cool :)

As big a fan I am, I wish he'd spell properly!

Also, the Zoom article about Shahid and Anuskha turns out to just be Shahid acting... or so his publicist says.

Here's a video to lighten the mood:

It is absolutely hilarious! I’d say a bit more but I don’t want to give the game away!

Oh what the hell! *SPOILER* I thought they were trying to trick Shahid all along, poor girl! All of them acted pretty well *SPOILER*


  1. haha..I LOVE this video...It's awesome..
    n Baggie..Where u girl..miss yaa on OC...

  2. Yaar, sorry, I should have warned you, but I just suddenly decided that I was spending too much time on OC and needed a break for about a week, so I'll be back on Saturday I promise, refreshed and ready to rave about all the things I love again! Just till then, I hope you don't mind me being away. I meant to warn you but it was a rash decision made in the middle of the night so I couldn't exctly tell you... sorry :(

  3. It's ok yaar...No need to sorry...Aiit babe...I hope 2 see u soon...:)

  4. I knew you'd understand, thanks :)