Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Comparisons: Mean Girls vs. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

I saw both of these back to back recently and they are both pretty similar except one I enjoyed far more than the other.

Both are chick flicks, which put me off them right from the beginning, but when I saw no other option (I was at someone else’s house) I thought I’d go ahead.

Both are coming of age stories and have, on one level a pretty similar plot. Both have the spoilt girl turning her life around idea near the end but when it comes to characters, Mean Girls wins straight out, like it does in nearly all of the categories. At least the viewer likes Cady at the beginning for her simplicity, I just felt Georgia was annoying, immature and trying to grow up too fast. The Mean Girls’ characters are also more developed, there are girls like Regina who praise you to your face and then bitch behind your back, however I doubt there are such stupid cronies anywhere in the world. The mean girl from Angus, Thongs… is pretty stereotypical and has hardly been given any thought. Also I wonder why Georgia would want Robbie when he manages to prove he is pretty darn stupid, he sees Lindsay hit Georgia and a couple of kind words from her make him forget all that! Of course there is the obvious ‘it’s pretty obvious I’m stalking you’ but lets ignore that. In Mean Girls, Aaron proves his common sense by seeing through Cady’s facade.

Mean Girls really did make me laugh out loud a couple of times which I wasn’t expecting and was far more than Angus managed to do. The only place I came close to smiling was when she said

“Yeah, I’m gutted”

Anyone who’s seen it, knows what I’m talking about. However, in Mean Girls, not only did I like the idea of confessing all the things that hurt you and you have a problem with, I couldn’t help but laugh when that random girl came on and started to talk and she wasn’t even from that school. I would put spoiler alert but it really isn’t a spoiler.

The acting was good in both films, I liked the friends circle in Angus (although why they named it the ‘Ace Gang’ I’ll never know) even if the only things they talked about were their looks and boys. I also liked the two different groups of friends Cady has in Mean Girls. Performances were excellent all round.

In general Mean Girls wins hands down, Angus isn’t even worth a watch in my opinion!

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