Sunday, 4 April 2010

Decoding Posters a.k.a. Copying Aspi

All credit for the idea must go to Aspi who first thought of the idea of decoding a poster before the movie is out to see what clues it gave about the plot, characters and setting. I hope he forgives me for copying him… Here’s the link to the original idea.

Badmaash Company

The film I am looking forward to the most…

Here we can see Shahid and Anuskha are the couple but Shahid is bigger than the other three suggesting he’s the main character. Chang is holding a bag of money, probably what they’re after or maybe what they already have, seen as how glitzy all their costumes are. It is set in a city as we can see from the post chandelier and gold background. The tagline suggests the money in Chang’s hand probably wasn’t earned in an honest way. Anuskha wearing silver where everyone else is wearing black may be marking her out as different, possibly purer and less guilty. Anyone got any other ideas?


We can see immediately its about politics from the garlands and Katrina in full length clothing, not to mention the tagline. They all look pretty photoshopped which could be suggesting none of them fit into the world of politics. While all of are wearing traditional Indian clothes, Ranbir is in a suit suggesting he’s the odd one out and maybe even from abroad, also while others are looking in different directions, he’ds looking at us, maybe because he’s going to be the one who reaches the general public, i.e. us.

Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai

File:4 5x7-ft-standee-People-opt2.jpg

This is a film aimed at the youth which can be seen from the young actors and casual clothes. It has something to do with aliens, seen from the spaceship above Ritesh’s head and the ‘out of this world’ bit in the tagline but this is probably not that important considering. There a love triangle within in the plot which is far more important than the alien angle.

That’s it for today guys!

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